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BimmerTech was founded by a couple of guys passionate about modifying their BMWs in every possible way – starting from iDrive system and camera upgrades, through comfort mods and BMW coding, to most importantly all sorts of multimedia retrofits including audio improvements.

Our first big hit revolutionized the game of BMW audio upgrades with the world's first fully customized amplifier upgrade: the Premium Audio System.

While our plug & play amplifier kept gaining momentum, we were working hard to create direct drop in replacement upgrade speakers for late model BMWs, to create a complete BMW sound system upgrade. Thanks to our superior knowledge of everything BMW and an unparalleled level of attention to detail, the Alpha One speaker system came out of the shadows and onto the market.

But! We haven’t said our last word yet — if you’ve been following us for a while you should already know we can’t sit down for too long, so you can expect even more to come.








And Quick

Experience your music in studio-quality with the Alpha One BMW Speakers. Finely tuned to deliver rich sound and a precise reproduction of bass/treble — your audio will be more powerful, accurate and natural - a perfect match for the rev of your BMW engine.

We’ve optimized the features and capabilities of the amplification system to take your BMW or MINI speakers to a whole new level. By improving the signal-to-noise ratio, we made it possible to dramatically improve signal quality and double your system’s output.

Perfectly matched
Perfectly matched

The Premium Audio System (BMW Amplifier upgrade) and Alpha One BMW Speaker Upgrade were precisely designed to ideally suit each other’s specifications to give you unparalleled sound — while still making a dramatic difference as stand-alone upgrades.

The amplifier includes tuning profiles available for the OEM BMW and Alpha One Speakers to ensure your BMW sound system performs at its maximum potential.

Personalized Audio
Personalized Audio

Since musical preferences vary from one person to another, 'one size fit all' audio systems never cut it in the long run. They always leave you with a sense of missing out on those perfect notes and tones.

This is why we created a preset program to make your BMW speakers sound spectacular right out of the box, while still allowing you to customize them in any way you wish using the Premium Audio System’s 64-bit DSP.

With various EQ, crossover and delay settings, you can truly personalize the audio experience in your BMW or MINI by finely tuning your music to your exact taste.

Effortless and Quick
Effortless and Quick

We designed a special BMW harness and bracket for our Amplifier that makes installation quick and simple. It’s plug and play for almost all the latest BMW models, and current-generation MINI Coopers. You can check the compatibility with your BMW or MINI in the Buy Now section.

Our aftermarket speakers upgrade is individually matched with your BMW or MINI model. There’s no need to cut any cables or install any other parts. Simply remove the stock speakers and pop in the new Alpha One Speakers in the same way. Done.


Alpha One BMW
Speaker Upgrade

Alpha One Speaker specifications


4 Ώ

85 dB

25.5 mm

Neodymium Alloy



4 Ώ

88 dB

25.5 mm

Neodymium Alloy



2/4/7 Ώ

89 dB

38.55 mm

Neodymium Alloy

Alpha One Speaker features
Exclusive sound upgrade
Design & Features

Audio System

BimmerTech Premium Audio System
(BMW Amplifier upgrade) specifications

at 4 Ohms 8 x 55 Watts / 110 Watts

at 2 Ohms 8 x 70 Watts / 140 Watts

20 Hz - 22.000 Hz

295 MHz

6 x Highlevel, 1 x Optical, 1 x Remote In

64 Bit

< 0.015 %


Customize your sound in so many ways with high-end audio features such as Digital Signal Processing (DSP), a 30-band graphic EQ, and numerous sound-shaping filters. The experienced DIYer can access and adjust it all using a laptop and the provided USB cable.

PP 86DSP manual DSP Tool software manual DSP Tool software Version 4

BimmerTech Premium Audio System
(BMW Amplifier upgrade) features
Exclusively sound upgrade

Pre-programming and optimization specifically for BMWs

Simple do-it-yourself Plug & Play installation

Clarity, power and customizable performance for your musical taste

2-year warranty and professional support

Easy Do-It-Yourself installation

No wires to cut and no visual changes to your dash or cabin thanks to BimmerTech’s trademark installation ease - and convenient location in your trunk for the amplifier. If you’re into DIY, you’ll have the Premium Audio System (BMW amplifier upgrade) and Alpha One BMW Speakers installed and working in a couple of hours. Most of that time is needed to remove and replace the trim, since the amplifier and speakers themselves are truly plug and play.

One & Only Customized Audio System
Customizable tune
Tailored for your BMW/MINI model
Adjusted to your musical preferences
Individual support of Audio Engineer

Every BMW is different... and so is the musical taste of its owner.
Forget about 'one size fit all' audio systems. You know what they say – a jack of all trades is a master of none.
That’s why here at BimmerTech, we'll offer you a personalized audio experience you won't find anywhere else.
Our sound engineers have created individually tailored tune sets for each BMW model and your speakers (BMW original speakers and Alpha One speakers).

Your Premium Audio System will sound amazing right out of the box.

But this is just the beginning of your BimmerTech sound system experience.
BimmerTech offers an exclusive service for adjusting the parameters of your Premium Audio System not only to the cabin of your BMW, but above all to your preferences – the music you're listening to and the way you like listening to it.
Our sound engineers will tweak your audio system, after the installation, to make sure it hits all the right notes and tones that resonate specifically with you.

No one else offers such a personalized audio upgrade for BMW's like we do.


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Customized BMW Audio Upgrades

Factory BMW and MINI audio systems leave a lot to be desired. So if you want your vehicle to become a Rolls Royce of sound our Alpha One Speaker Upgrade and Premium Audio System are your best bet. They will substantially change the way your audio is delivered – making it more punchy, well-balanced and clearer than ever... but above all, personalized for your preferences.

Since the ‘one size fits all’ approach is never going to cut for the car audio, we make sure your BMW amplifier arrives at your doorstep with a customized DSP tuning file – one that’s optimized according to your BMW or MINI chassis and your musical taste.

The upgrade of your BMW or MINI sound system will depend at large on the stock system your vehicle features. Thus, whether you have Base (Stereo), Hi-Fi (S676A), Top Hi-Fi(S677A), Harman Kardon (S688A) or Individual Audio System (S752A) the quantity of speakers available is going to differ. Decode your VIN and check the correct audio upgrade kit for your BMW or MINI.

As for the install, it’s a simple plug & play, fully reversible process that can be handled by any DIY enthusiast. Good at IKEA projects? You’ll manage this one just as well.


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All our BMW stereo upgrades are designed with easy installation in mind. Confident DIYers will even be able to install a full set of speakers and our amplifier upgrade themselves, at home, in only a few hours. Learn more about how easy BMW audio system installation can be.

Don't want to tackle the job yourself? We also work closely with a global network of authorized dealers. Find your nearest audio shop.

Upgrading from the BMW factory speakers to our Alpha One kit will make a huge difference to the quality of the sound in your vehicle. We use premium materials and a carefully honed design for improved clarity and performance, giving a more refined, enjoyable sound. With around 30% greater power handling than the standard OEM speakers, Alpha Ones are also capable of greater volume in appropriate setups.

Owners of vehicles with a basic factory stereo — without tweeters or a separate amplifier — will notice an even greater improvement when adding both components to their system with our Alpha One kit and Premium Audio System.

The Alpha One speakers are a marked step up from any other plug-and-play speaker kit on the market; both our speakers and amplifier are meticulously designed from the ground up for optimal performance in your BMW, for a truly remarkable sound out of the box.

But a lot goes into building a great sound system, and standout speakers like the Alpha Ones are just part of the puzzle. Other companies can offer speakers, but only BimmerTech has the combined decades of experience working with BMW electronics and audio expertise to create equipment that perfectly matches your vehicle’s factory stereo.

When buying a Premium Audio System alongside your Alpha One speakers, we are also able to tune the amplifier to match not only your vehicle, but also the speakers you have fitted (Alpha One or OEM). This results in a far better sound than you’d get from a one-size-fits-all solution from another brand.

Yes. We designed the Alpha One speakers to perform in BMWs with a range of stereo systems, including the most basic options without a separate amplifier. The Alpha Ones will still be a noticeable improvement over the factory speakers. To make the most of your new speakers, however, you may want to add our Premium Audio System amplifier.

Yes. Adding Alpha One tweeters to a vehicle that did not come with tweeters from the factory will require replacing a trim piece in the front doors, in which the tweeters will be mounted. After selecting your model, you'll see the list of parts you will need to purchase to install your kit. Contact us for more information.

Almost no mainstream aftermarket speakers have the power handling to take full advantage of the extra wattage provided by a more powerful amplifier. Even our Premium Audio System is tuned at less than its full power output to prevent overloading the speakers. More powerful amplifiers are useful only in custom speaker installations usually requiring dedicated speaker enclosures.

The true benefit of our Premium Audio System isn’t just the increased power, but the improvement it can make to the quality of the sound, thanks to the 64-bit DSP and high signal-to-noise ratio. Our expert audiophiles use this capability to tune your amplifier to suit your specific vehicle and speakers, meaning you’ll get a more pleasant sound than you would from an amplifier that hasn’t been professionally adapted to your vehicle, whatever its specs on paper.

Our amplifier is designed to perform best with the BMW OEM HiFi speakers or our Alpha One kit. With either of these sets, we will tune the amp to bring out the best in your speakers. If you upgrade to the Alpha Ones at a later date, we will provide a tuning file to adjust the amplifier’s tuning for your new speakers.

The Premium Audio System can also be used with other aftermarket speakers, but we are not able to provide dedicated tuning files. For optimal performance, we recommend using 2Ω subwoofers.

We have chosen not to publish frequency response graphs for our speakers because we don't believe this information is useful in a car audio scenario. The interior of your vehicle — including its size, shape and materials — is going to have a significant impact on the sound you actually hear, and this won’t be shown on a frequency response graph.

We took frequency measurements during the development process, but the sound that really matters is the sound in situ in the car, where we did the bulk of the tuning work when developing our Alpha One kit.

We have published specifications for our speakers on our website in the 'Specification' section to make it easy to understand what each speaker offers.

In terms of other aspects of the speakers' design, we have purposefully chosen specifications that are well suited to use with either a factory BMW amp or our own Premium Audio System. This balance of capabilities is what gives our speakers such an impressive all-round performance.

How many speakers you will need depends on your model and factory BMW speaker system. But with BimmerTech, you don't need to replace them all at once; you can upgrade as many or as few speakers as you want.

For most vehicles, we offer three prepared BMW speaker replacement kits:

  • Pure Bass: only underseat woofers, for powerful low-end sound.
  • Driver's Choice: replacement speakers for the front of the car.
  • Studio Sound: a complete set of speakers for your whole vehicle.

You can even choose speakers individually, if you aren't looking for a full BMW car stereo upgrade yet.

Yes, we offer a full range of MINI Cooper stereo upgrades, for both the standard sound system and the premium factory options made by Harman Kardon. MINI Cooper owners will enjoy the same ease of installation and impeccable sound BimmerTech is known for in the BMW world.


Studio quality sound

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